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“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

Marcus AureliusMeditations

About ME

Hello! I'm ABRIT, I'm a keen learner and believe in an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world. I'm currently an undergraduate studying Computer Science.

I'm passionate about programming and love taking photos. You can check out my programming projects on GitHub, as there is a lot to come in the future.

Reading Pipeline

Since my childhood, books have been my greatest enemy. But in last few years I have developed a slight liking for these printed pages. Books have been quite entertaining and helpful in many different ways. 

And if U want to be on this journey with me exploring new ideas under the radar.

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Are smartphone cameras better than DSLRs.

What is your appeal to the art of photography? Are smartphone cameras better than DSLRs – Photography has evolved a lot in ages and it now reached a time where it is having more influence on people than ever. Especially due to social media platforms like Instagram, 500px and many more, which gave people a platform […]

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